How Fit should I be in my age?

I asked my client which question occupies her mind? The questions she had was: How strong should I be in my age? And If you ever asked yourself how fit or strong you should be and how fit is fit enough, then keep reading this article.
#Cardiorespitatory Training: Do not equalize this with endurance training which we will talk about in an upcoming article. Cardiorespiratory fitness is one of the most important components of health-related physical fitness.
To know how much you should train, you want to figure out how fit you are. Some formulas show your HRmax (= 220-age) or VO2 max (15.3x(HRmax/HRrest)). But they may or may not apply to you. So the best thing to do is testing your self. And it is not that difficult.
TIPP: Go to the gym and set up one of the bikes with ar HR measurement. Ideally, you checked your resting HR before you get out of bed, or ask your fitness instructor to help you with that. Start pedaling at level one for two min at an RPM of 70-75 (rotation per minute) and increase the level for one stage every two minutes. Whenever you increase the resistance, write down your present HR, feel free to use this sheet, which will help to calculate your individual training intensity. 
After you figured your HR max, you can create your plan of how much training and how intense it should be.
How to create your Cardiorespiratory Training Plan?
Example: My calculated HRmax is 220 minus age (60) = 160 HRmax, but my test shows 165bpm (beats per minute). To increase my aerobic and anaerobic endurance, I multiply 165 with 0.76 and 0.85. My Training Zone for my purpose is at a heart rate with 125-140 bpm. On my test sheet, I can read that my heart rate was about 130 bpm at level 6.
Training plan:
Option 1: 3 days/week for 30 min at level 6 with 75 rpm (rotation per minute) on the bike.
Option 2: 5 days/ per week for 20 min at level 7 with 75 rpm on the bike.
Decide for an intensity that fits your needs:
Zone One; 65% to 75%; Builds aerobic base and aids in recovery
Zone Two; 76% to 85%; Increases aerobic and anaerobic endurance
Zone Three; 86% to 95%; Builds high-end work capacity
Training time recommendation:
Zone one for 150 to 180 min at least at five days per week
Zone two for 75 to 90 min at least at three days per week
Zone Three is very high, and I recommend to get in touch with your Trainer.
Training sessions should take at least 10 min to benefit your health. Your heart rate doesn’t reach the calculated bpm anymore; congratulation! You Improved, and now it is time to increase the level. After 6 to 8 weeks, test your self again.

Enjoy, and have fun!

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