Active Lunch Break

The Active Lunch Break (ALB) is a short but effective form of exercise at work. With a professional “Koach” 1-2 times per week, your team will get mobilized, participate in moderate stretching, strengthening, and mental activity for a successful work-life balance.

After these exercises and a healthy lunch, your team will be recharged at the end of the break. Everybody can stay in their work clothes and we will avoid getting sweaty.

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#6 Broken leg, so what?

Train your lower back!
Most people get back pain after a period of inactivity. We want to prevent any issues. These are a few variations for an easy start.

This is an exercise for people who don´t have any problems otherwise it could hurt. Ask your Personal Trainer before you start with any of our workouts.


#5 Broken leg, so what?

If we can´t run or ride the bike…

… we can go fishing!

Maria was looking for a sport to replace her daily bike ride. The fact that she can´t bear weight on her leg brought us into the pool at the Rec Center in Truckee. With her motivation and my experience, we can train for 40 min.

I am happy to see some progress.

#4 Broken leg, so what?

Same day, same session, last exercise.

As our first training day after the accident, we finished our workout with push-ups. Maria can´t bear weight on her left leg, so she has to balance entirely on one leg, which becomes quite exhausting.

We’re happy to be able to start this training. Even though we can´t train the broken leg, it will benefit from the other exercises.
Meanwhile, we’ll work on the mobility of the broken leg with a resistant band.

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#3 Broken leg, so what?

One of the basics is ROWING! Primarily,  we’re training the upper back, but also involves our biceps and forearms.

Watch our blog to see more exercises and how we will rehab from a broken leg.

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#2 Broken leg, so what?

After the one leg squat, we moved on to the BUTTERFLY REVERSE OVERHEAD. That’s a great exercise to train your upper back and shoulder strength.  Moreover, you will improve your mobility in your shoulders.

Watch our blog to see more exercises and how we will rehab from a broken leg.


#1 Broken leg, so what?

My dear broke her leg 4 weeks ago. Luckily she got her personal Koach for free (:  Sadly she can´t bear weight on her broken leg but we decided to try some modified workouts instead of waiting.

No excuses for us!

This is our ONE LEG SQUAT supported by holding rings. After a few tries, she learned how to balance and we were ready for 3 sets of 5 repetitions.

Watch our blog to see more exercises and how we will rehab from a broken leg.