Thanks to you we are off to a good start.

Our personal training activities with you were quite beneficial.  You are very professional, knowledgeable and motivating. Thanks to you we are off to a good start.  We only stopped your services because we had to leave for our permanent home in Tucson.  Thank you very much.

Pepper & Jim Pfeifer

Thank you!

Thank you for enlightening me on exercising effectively and efficiently.

Sonya Koster


A very respectful Trainer with a lot of Knowledge! I loved working out with him in the good old Days in Germany.

Don‘t miss the opportunity to train with Heiko!

Jonas Pilgrim
Pilgrim Fitness

Respectful and Professional

Heiko was GREAT.  I’d never worked with a male personal trainer before.  Any concerns that I had were totally blown away with Heiko.  He listened to what my goals were, and our workouts felt designed for me, not some bulky weight lifter.  He was respectful and professional in making hands-on corrections so I was always very comfortable.  I recommend working with him 100%.




Having had a bad experience with another personal trainer, I was apprehensive about signing up with Heiko at first. But Heiko has completely earned my trust over the last one and a half years. He has always been honest and he never promised sth. which I couldn´t have had achieved. He has showed a huge knowledge base what has made it easier for me to train because I have understood the correlation between the physical components and the exercises. The workout has been tough but Heiko has made them fun for me as well.
I am really sad that Heiko moved away but of cause I wish you all the best in Truckee, Heiko



Heiko convinced me with his competent knowledge and his nice and patient character. he knows how to motivate people and how to create the training schedules individually and effective. His instructions are understandable and he always takes care that you do the exercises precisely.
Heiko is a super trainer and I felt in good hands with him. Thank you for the previous results, Heiko.
I will keep on training and I will tell you how it will be going.
Good luck in Truckee

Nathalie Cardillo


During the time Heiko came to Riedbad I have done the courses with him. right from the beginning, I felt like it was the right type to train and I went to the training with joy, motivation, and fun. From the first lesson, you know that this is a training with lasting effect.
Heiko knows how to give his total time and attention to the person he is training with and he knows how to inspire and motivate.
Because of this, you can internalize the exercises and you can correct yourself by doing the training on your own. His training schedules are all created to achieve the aims which have been set and they are always of relevance to the present fitness.
All of the exercises and topics we got to know during the training had been very professional and Heiko was very patient. He helped me when I asked his advice.
You can learn a new dimension of sport and fitness with Heiko. I am sad that he moved that far away.
Now the people in Truckee can be glad to get the chance to be trained by him.

Susanne Pröger


At this point, I want to use the chance to thank all my clients I had in my classes in Riedbad; you made me happy every evening we met. Also thanks to all members in the BASE Training gym, for helping me develop my one-on-one “Koaching” experience.
And thanks to the clients in Titus-Thermal Gym were I started my career and made good friends.

Feel free to share your experience here with other clients. Your feedback also helps me to improve my skills.

Heiko Müller